LMS Summer School

As the days stretch on, my thoughts often wander back to the cherished moments spent at the Hicks Building at University of Sheffield, where everyone can unapologetically show the love of mathematics. The chalk-dusted blackboard stood as a canvas for ideas to flourish, as theorems and symbols sprawled like intricate artworks. I think I will forever remember the sense of belonging that enveloped me as I stepped into this room.

I took some pictures during those days – snapshots frozen in time, capturing the essence of what made Hicks Building so special.

Mini Courses

lms Dr Milena Hering talking about toric surfaces

lms Dr Nic Freeman proving recurrence of Brownian motion

lms Dr Alex Schenkel delving into prefactorization algebra

lms Mr Lewis Combes discussing the current state of BSD

lms Professor Oliver Johnson explaining algorithm performance in group testing

PhD Talks

lms PhD Yannik Schuler talking about Strings

lms PhD Alberto Cobos Rabano talking about enumerative geometry and planet orbits

lms PhD Poppy Jeffries talking about optimal foraging theory

Colloquium Talks

lms Professor Silke Weinfurtner talking about blackholes

lms Professor Carmen Molina-Paris talking about invasion reproduction number

lms Dr Vandita Patelss talking about Fermat’s Last Theorem

lms Dr Gary Verth talking about maths for studying the sun

Some Moments

lms My upsidedown straw

lms Happen to see the graduation ceremony of Sheffield undergraduates

lms Euler-Lagrange equation & conservation of mass for compressible fluids

lms Happen to be the 1st one arriving at the classroom

lms Quick yet spicy lunch


lms My room

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